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Grievances History

We collect public grievances and try to give proper justice to the people and by reaching their application to concern ministry/ies either state or center or both with Human Rights commission and if the court related to the court likely. We have large group of members working in this section and we are successful in this effort. On collecting public grievance and help them for the proper justice we are communicate to every chief ministers of the states, states high courts in India, state legal rights, state Human Rights Commissions, state Governors and all district collectors and o the same process to the centers with all central ministries, Prime Minister, President and with the supreme court of India. On the International grievances we have great touch with Human Rights Commission related NGO in different part of the world and we have communicate to help us in need to World Banks in different countries along with Belgium, Islamic banks and renounwed persons in the different part of World. This organization informed to International Court of Justice, Netherlands, UNO and its departments and Rotary International, U.S.A. and England. All worlds advocate association of USA welcome this organization for it’s supporting.

Since 2003 this organization on the way of collecting Public grievances across the country and have receive more appreciation by the people and the departments not in India and most success in this effort. Under this section of organization can help to the need people but organization request to the citizens to come forward and get the proper justice.

Please give details of your grievance with copies of supporting document. Your earlier attempts to have the grievance resolved through the grievance redressal mechanism of the department should be furnished. Indicate whether you have filed any appeal against any previous decision of the organization or department, before any court, tribunal or consumer forum and individual likely. State your identity and postal address, e-mail address and telephone number. Don’t forget to put your signature or thumb impression on your letter.

After receiving public grievance in country this section janch this case at first through its volunteers and after it sent to the concern Ministries either in state or in center or both and sometimes this letter sent to Chief Minister or Governor of state for proper inquiry and always it rule to sent a copy to the National Human Rights Commission or State Human Rights Commission. On the case history if it included court related problem one copy sent to Supreme Court of State High Courts and like the same if needed sent copy to National Legal Rights Commission or State Legal Rights Commission done like above. In this same time the organization try to communicate with the district collector of the areas the problem happen and at last for proper witness copies sent to visual or paper media like NDTV, Aajtak, India TV and Prasar Bharati and in paper media Hundustan Times or related local or renowned news papers. So no of copies made of an application and sent to the analysis. This is the chaining method of the organization and in this connection every department aware about the reality of the fact and at it time it help to find out the real fact. For the proper knowledge of the case copies sent to complainer and against the complaint made.

But in the Inter National case this organization follow the above chaining method with little change and in this connection communication made to the Commission of Human Rights, Switzerland along with that country Prime Minister, President and the Supreme court. If needed a copy sent to Inter National Court of Justice with the international media witness like BBC and CNN etc.

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