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When a parent dies, you lose your past; when a child dies, you lose your future. India contributes 21 pc of the global burden of child deaths. The world cannot continue with business as usual when every year nearly 11 children die before their fifth birthday from easily preventable and readily treatable causes – almost 90 percent of these deaths occur in 42 countries of South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa. What is baffling is that a vast majority of these deaths could be easily averted. Scientific evidence available today tells us that in India alone more than 1 million child lives could be saved from scaling up known and proven cost effective interventions. Under the age of five, India contributes 25 percent of the world’s child deaths. It is evident that a major turnaround in India will ensure a significant impact globally! The message of hope in this challenging scenario is that a vast majority of children can be saved through a combination of good care, nutrition, and medical treatment. It is believed that other easy measures could prevent 90% of diarrhea deaths, 62% of pneumonia deaths, 100% measles deaths 92% malaria deaths, 44% HIV/AIDS deaths and 52% neonatal fatalities.

In India generally child death happening before the age of 5 years and the reason behind it is parents neglect and lack of proper knowledge. For the children in proper time carry to the Govt. hospital for proper vaccine is necessary otherwise child will effect with several disease and as a result to death. We have met the parents from 2005 and aware them for solve this problem. We call for read our disease broachers.

If the future of a country is its children, India has serious cause for concern. Two million children below the age of five die every year in India, giving it the dubious distinction of being the country with the highest number of such deaths. From the report over 400,000 of our newborns die within 24 hours of birth, again the highest figure in the world. Globally, this figure is two million. India accounts for one-fifth of newborn deaths, those dying within a month of birth, and also has one-third of the world’s undernourished children. In short, despite its commendable economic growth in the past decade, the country has made little progress in controlling child mortality. This is when these deaths could be easily prevented with low-cost interventions. Not surprisingly, these rates are not the same within India. There are huge differences among various states, income groups, tribal groups and castes. According to a paper published in the Institute of Development Studies Bulletin, child mortality rates among the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes are 33 to 100% higher than in other categories. The fact that India ranks 171 out of 175 countries in the world in public health spending speaks for itself.

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