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"Belief is Trust & Trust is Faith" "Every Human Being find 'GOD' In Temple,Mosque,Church but 'He' is no-where.He is in between Only the service of mankind.Let's Find 'GOD' with help of the helpless People and make this Earth like as another heaven."


Lord Buddha Institute Of Computer Science
Shree Ram Shikhsya Peeth
Lord Buddha Institute Of Computer Science

This organization have an first franchise computer institution running in Baruni, Begusarai, Bihar named with Lord Buddha Institute Of Computer Science and the institution has given franchise for six month and after if its development (public awareness and for education to youth for youth development) made renew in six months interval and if the institution not show the development, stop our franchise system and in this connection we have communicate Hon’ble Governor Bihar, Distt. Collector of Begusarai and Ministry of Human Resource Development, “Department of Secondary and Higher Education” on dated 05th January 2009 for their comments. This organization is working from the date specified.

There are many problems in rural India that does not have proper solution in Govt. scheme or others scheme by NGOs because proper awareness and corruption is the major factor for it. Rural development is one big issue even after six decades of independence and it can solve by the youth development with proper education and awareness. This is one of major part of our activities also. Improvement in Health, Education and hygiene related issues in rural areas are some of the biggest challenge. India has the largest number of youth who are the major strength and the future of the Information & Technology industry. The country, with such a young force, has a huge possibility of growth. Almost two-third of India’s youth live in rural areas. Thus, it is necessary to reach out to them and make them IT literate and build the capacities for rural employability. To see these Navjivan Foundation take a chance in Barauni, Begusarai, Bihar with co education. This unit give chance to orphan or helpless youth if they have really desire to make their future bright.

In order to provide the rural youth with IT knowledge, Navjivan Foundation proposed plan taken up a number of projects. If with the help of state governments or funding agencies or Indian Govt. made, it has to set up computer education centers in the rural schools. It has also proposed plan to set up kiosks in different slum areas to see whether children can learn computers without the help of teachers. Lord Buddha Institute Of Computer Science has been trying to help the rural youth and the kids in the remote parts of India like Barauni, which can eventually contribute, to India’s growth.

Lord Buddha Institute Of Computer science works with youth ages 14-23, both who are in Inter or school (matric pass) to Graduation. We have designed programs that fit the schedules,needs of Indian rural youth. It is essential to understand that we do not have students at school. We are not a school. Rather, we have trainees who are engaged in a training curriculum. The reason that these distinctions are so crucial to our program is a pedagogical one. Our motto is Learning To Learn.

   Youth learn to solve their own problems, using the resources that are available to them--namely, other youth, the curriculum, books and the Internet and to helping them some instructur have appointed .This type of learning is contrary - to what our youth experience in their schooling. where pedagogically they have adopted stance of being filled up by an adult with answers. Navjivan Foundation “Lord Buddha Institute Of Computer science” seeks to break this learning model. It is our goal that a youth who has attended our program will be more independt in their learning and move forward with confidence in their future knowing that what they need to learn, they will be able to learn. 23, both who are in school and those who are not.

  Our Day Training Program is held Monday through Friday from 9.00 AM–6:00 PM. Each youth participates in our technology training as well as our Literacy and formation programs. The typical timeline is that after 3 months.With the paticipation of training course youth mass can paticipate with their college education. So youth can continue to work both together and in this connection our training center Navjivan Foundation “Lord Buddha Institute Of Computer science” is situated under Barauni college campus. The details tavle analysis about the student since 2006.

5th JANUARY 2009-2010
Student Record from 2006-2010
Class Total Student Boys Girls Orphan / Helpless
Inter(2006) 185 155 30 0/3
B.A.(2006) 30 20 10 0/0
215 175 40 0/3
Inter(2007) 155 95 60 0/0
B.A.(2007) 56 36 20 0/1
211 131 80 0/1
Inter(2008) 130 95 35 2/0
B.A.(2008) 88 58 30 0/1
218 153 65 2/1
Inter(2009) 196 110 86 0/4
B.A.(2009) 63 40 23 1/2
259 150 109 1/6
Inter(2010) 45 28 17 0/0
B.A.(2010) 20 8 12 0/0
65 36 29 0/0
   Total Students In Institute-968- Boys–645-Girls-323-Orphan/Helpless -3/11

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