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Man Made Disasters


We are now living in a civilized society. The days of illiteracy and ignorance have gone. Man has made much progress in the field of science and technology. Man has created wealth out of natural resources for his comfortable living. Man has cut forests recklessly to clear the land for cultivation and along with this ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION has taken place, which also affects his life. Man is becoming his own enemy because he has also created weapons of mass destruction and these weapons are used against humanity, which further brings sorrow, and suffering to mankind. This is just three example of manmade disaster which shows in daily news paper and well known to people.

Nuclear Disaster

One of the scariest things about nuclear power is when something goes wrong and an accident occurs. Radiation is released into the environment and people get hurt. Two of the most famous nuclear accidents occurred at the Three Mile Island reactor 2 in the United States and the Chernobyl reactor 4 in the former Soviet Union. In this text we will discuss these two disasters, along with correcting a few common misconceptions about nuclear accidents.

The worst type of man-made disaster is caused by the use of nuclear weapons. If we go back to the history of 1945, we come to know the history of 1945; we come to know the worst type of nuclear disaster the world had witnessed. On August 6, 1945 an atom bomb was dropped on HIROSHIMA in Japan, which devastated the entire town killing 66,000 people and injuring nearly 69,000. On August 9, 1945 another atom bomb was dropped on NAGASAKI. This bomb killed nearly 39,000 people and injured more than 25,000.

Nuclear weapons are thus, far more destructive and harmful to the society than any other weapon. Many countries in the world have developed nuclear energy. The developed countries reiterate that nuclear energy will be used only for PEACEFUL PURPOSES. We can only hope this to be true, lest we face another Hiroshima and Nagasaki situation.

Nuclear radiation keeps on showing its effect for a considerable period of time even after its explosion, and those who survive become mental and physical wrecks due to the impact of nuclear radiation.

In case of a nuclear explosion, nothing much can be done. Some precautions however may be taken.

We should stay inside keeping doors and windows shut to protect ourselves against nuclear radiation.

We should keep ourselves informed about the government plants and should act in accordance with official communication.

Nuclear activity may affect our health and cause nausea, giddiness, vomiting etc., and for that medical help should be taken.

Chemical Disaster

By their nature, the manufacture, storage, and transport of chemicals are accidents waiting to happen. Chemicals can be corrosive, toxic, and they may react, often explosively. The impacts of chemical accidents can be deadly, for both human being-environment.

Chemical weapons are also weapons of mass destruction. Sometimes handling of hazardous chemicals in an irresponsible way can cause much destruction. Chemical disasters are also caused by industrial accidents. The poisonous gases spread in the atmosphere and the people who inhale the same air face dangerous consequences. In December 1984, the leakage of gas from the Union Carbide factory at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh caused 2,500 deaths and more than 3 lakes people of Bhopal suffered the disastrous effects of the poisonous gas.

Those industries, which use hazardous chemicals or produce such chemicals, should have contingency action plan to help people if such a disaster takes place.

Such industries should have timely warning systems so that people can immediately take safety measures such as locking their houses and taking he family and animals away to a safe place.

Stringent safety measures and checkups in the factory and critical analysis of the working condition of the factory will help to take timely measures to check any disaster.

Biological Disaster

Biological disaster spreads through the organism that is developed in the form of BACTERIA or MICROBES. Biological agent spread fast in the environment and then makes an attack on the human beings. The people inhale these microbes. When these microbes find themselves a host body, they start affecting the immune systems of the body. Microbes’ also entire human body through open wounds or cuts.

The attack of these microbes is generally slow but once they are spread in the body, it becomes different to control them. It takes the life of the affected persons. Many a time, it becomes difficult to diagnose the illness caused by these microbes and it proves to be fatal.

In October 2001, there was a danger of anthrax germs being used as biological weapons. Anthrax was the cause of death for some people in USA.US authorities also confirmed that a postal worker in the city of Washington DC was tested positive for anthrax infection. Anthrax is a deadly disease caused by bacillus, most common in sheep and cattle but also communicable to mankind.

Whenever we learn or hear of type of danger of communicable diseases through official announcements on radio or TV, then we can adequate preventive and protective measures.

We aware that you are one of few, who have quite often tried to help in taking this type of noble cause and solve the problem of affected people, please let us to help in certain time of disaster or create fund for this uncertain event. Therefore we have taken the liberty of appealing to you that if any kind of donation or charity for such type future uncertain event, we would be than thankful.

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