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Protest Against Sex Test

Female foeticide refers to the abortion of a fetus of female gender as a result of a sex-determination test. Both female foeticide (also referred to as sex-selective abortion) and sex-determination tests are illegal in India. However, abortion is legal. Abortion is allowed if the pregnancy does not exceed 12 weeks (3 months), and it is also allowed if pregnancy does exceed 12 weeks but does not exceed 20 weeks generally. One of the greatest threats to our contemporary civilization is the menace of skewed sex ratio. The increasing imbalance between men and women is leading to many crimes such as illegal trafficking of women, sexual assaults, polygamy and dehumanization of society. These acts have been increasing making this world unsafe for women. Female foeticide is one of the most nefarious crimes on this earth; perhaps what is detestable is that the people who commit crime belong to the educated class. To this menace our ancestral and biased view about male child, lack of education, ever-increasing population and dowry have been good propellants. Some measures and their enforcement have to happen immediately. The ineffectiveness of the Pre-Natal Diagnostics Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act is very much evident. Hence there needs to be quick reformation in the attitude of people to look beyond the legacy and transform this world as a better place to live in.

Among various women related issues in India, the female foeticide and female infanticide has become one of the social problem. The advent of technology and misuse of pre-natal sex detection and also attitude of the unscrupulous medical practitioners, who are facilitating the female foeticide through induced abortions. There are strict laws and penal actions against violators, but the laws have not worked. Over 10 million female foetuses have been aborted in India in the past two decades.

But declining sex ratio portrays our discrimination shown towards her even at the stage of birth. Census recent shows our national sex ratio as 850 females for 1000 males, and this will lead to detrimental social problems if not corrected. The main reason for this is female infanticide. Gender wise abortions are on the rise. In economically developed states such as Haryana and Punjab the tendency is found to be more. Abortion though legal in our country, gender based abortion is a crime here.

Apart from the looking into factors responsible for female foeticide like low status of women in society and dowry, one also needs to be vigilant and brave enough to speak against this evil if one witnesses or comes to know about it. Also a more scientific approach towards things is required and the forestalling religious and cultural beliefs need to be replaced by rationality.

No society can survive without women. The practice of female foeticide not only is a violation of human rights but also puts a question mark on our integrity as humans. It stagnates our growth as people. If the patriarchal society has made the rules then they can surely be reworked. Why do we need to have different attitudes towards men and women? Why can’t they just be treated as individuals and valued for their worth? Her every unformed limb is battling for her rights, her every stifled cry begs for freedom and her every unsung death mourns the dilatory demise of humanity.

More over female foeticide is a matter of India and at present in current data 1000 boy child 850 girls child and in several states it is very less margin. So if like this very quick in this world will be without girl child who is future mother and private nursing home at present are responsible. Our Govt. has taken some good steps in this matter. But until the proper awareness in between the public it is impossible to stop this and in this connection we have prepare a Programme and awareness to not kill the girl child and in several cases and complain made Navjivan Foundation has notice to the department and in their state but we all crying for it but no tears down on check.


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