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"Belief is Trust & Trust is Faith" "Every Human Being find 'GOD' In Temple,Mosque,Church but 'He' is no-where.He is in between Only the service of mankind. Let's Find 'GOD' with help of the helpless People and make this Earth like as another heaven."
  • Navjivan Foundation Collecting Public Grievances In Different States & Areas Not In India More Than 13 Years. So Let Us Your Helping Hand In This Matter.
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    Suggestion is one idea was said to suggest another when it brought that other idea to mind. This organization always tries to give suggestion on the different problems happening in country and abroad not to the Indian Govt. or the state Govt. but to the White House and we are more success in this effort. We always try to reach the public demand near the Govt. department. As representative of public the people send us some demand, proposal and suggestion and demand to reach that near the Govt. department and in this connection Navjivan Foundation receive the suggestion of the general people by phone, email or the hard copies and after selecting this proposal organization send to the department. Through this we are giving some steps for the people to follow up for sending suggestion. Pease help us on this matter.

    Many suggestions have been proposed and discussed, but simply not implemented yet. Be sure that you are not submitting a duplicate.

    Make a separate suggestion for each proposed change. This allows each suggestion to be properly tracked if any of them is chosen for development. This also makes discussions on each proposed change easier.

    Be as thorough as possible with your suggestion. Don't be afraid to suggest something if you're not exactly sure how it would be programmed, but the more you can describe about how you would like it to work, the better. Try to think about what else your idea would affect, and who it would be helpful to.

    Most suggestions, even very good suggestions, have drawbacks or difficulties. Please list any you can think of when submitting the suggestion, even if you do not think it is a major drawback (or don't personally think it's a drawback at all but you know some people will not like it), or you are not sure how those difficulties could be resolved. Once a difficulty has been pointed out, someone else may have an idea for how it could be resolved. Participants in the suggestions community will also point out any additional difficulties they can see with the idea, and any resolutions they can think of.

    If you are opposed to a suggestion, keep your feedback polite. Address the feature, not the user. Even if the suggested means of addressing a need is impractical, attempt to identify the underlying need, and see if there is a better way to address it.

    Flaming will not be tolerated. Everyone has different ideas about how LiveJournal should work; remember that promoting your opinion is all right, but flaming someone else's opinion is not. Avoid excessive profanity and other crude language. In the event that there is spam or abuse in the community, please notify a maintainer immediately, and leave any comments in place so the maintainer may address the issue.

    Even suggestions that gather negative feedback from the community are still worth discussing. Other users may have had the same idea, and may benefit from seeing the discussion. If someone disagrees with your suggestion, do not delete their comments. If you would like to withdraw a suggestion after submitting it, please contact a maintainer.

    Developing new features and making changes takes time. If a suggestion has not been implemented, this does not necessarily mean it has been rejected. Developers must assign time to a variety of projects, and some features may take longer to develop than initially guessed. While a suggestion with a lot of positive feedback is more likely to be considered than one that is mostly disagreed with, the final decision to implement or not implement any given suggestion is in the hands of management and the developers.

    Stay on topic. The suggestions community is for the entire site, including developers, and extensive digressions can distract from the actual topic of the suggestion.

    Those familiar with LiveJournal development are asked not to point to developer resources like Changelog; this helps maintain the suggestion migration process.

    On this same timing we request to the people all over the world give suggestion, advice, constructive ideas, guidance etc. to the development of this organization. Because Navjivan foundation is the organization dedicate for any kind of people without any religion, caste etc. over all its service to the human nature and its purpose to see a beautiful world along with common harmony and peace and integrity is the main aim of this organization.

    Letters to Govt.:-

    For use Kendriya bhandar,Fund misuse,Indira Awas Yojana, Anganawadi, PWD, CPWD
      Implement National ID Card For Prevent Crime
    India people will poor up to what exten
    Terrorist and Innocent
    Sealing of Delhi Is Real or Not
    Female Foeticide Control
    Crime & Terrorism  
    Control Inflation
    Changes LDC Gread Examination Old Procedure
    Reduce the Age Limit of Govt.Job & Use that time in Social Service
    Fight Against Corruption - Lok Pal Bill
    Modification in NGO's Funding
    Suggestion For Not Removal of 153 CRPF Battalion From Motihari District, Bihar
    Mentally Disorder Of The Society-Child Rape & Rape
    Change Currencies to Check Corruption
    For FCRA Funding & Well Development Of Social Work Request For NRI List & Gateway Facility
    Special Permission For FCRA
    Organization Suggest Govt. For Doing Work On National Pension & PRAN card All Over India On The Month Of December 2014
    Suggestion Save The Real NGOs To Work More & Country Development Reg.
    Suggestion Of Allow with weblink to Navjivan Foundation under Delhi Police webside on Awareness, Public Grievances, Counseling, Social Matter & Domestic Violence reg.
    Suggestion RTP Buses For Delhi Schools & Request To Allow Us Proper Help To The Students In Delhi Recognized Schools Under Director of Delhi Education By The Way Of Providing RTP Bus Service For Well Conveyance.
    Suggestion and on collection of public data by organization either stop aadhar link at any where or stop ancient pan card or election icard utilization and release staffs as some of the unnecessary expenditure save to ,use ballot paper in the time of election, save religion, develop economy, allow foreign currency regd


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