"Belief is Trust & Trust is Faith" "Every Human Being find 'GOD' In Temple,Mosque,Church but 'He' is no-where.He is in between Only the service of mankind. Let's Find 'GOD' with help of the helpless People and make this Earth like as another heaven."

About Navjivan Foundation

Navjivan Foundationis operated by a group of concerned individual who are willing to undertake, promote, assist, or aid in development programmers and in setting up camps for awareness, vocational guidance, relief work, welfare work, etc. In other words, for helping the under privileged, who are victims social, physical, economic, or any other from of abuse, in any way which can directly or indirectly benefit mankind.

Working Procedure

Our members, who come from various walks of life are very dedicated and have, in a short span of time, have held various camps and awareness programme in places not just in Delhi. We are on same time also in the process on helping the needy in solving legal, medical, social and any other problems through the various concerned ministries in the areas where they are affected. We have been successful in this effort and our work not limited in India and with touching to High Commissioner For Human Rights we are trying to solve some international cases.


This organization already appreciated by high officials in India and abroad. On very soon we wanted to reach on grass-root level and for which we are on process of all India Network .So on such way, we are on the way to collect list of local NGOs for helping hand and we are in same time on the process of World Wide Net Work and in this connection we are trying to communicate with different countries Human Rights related international NGOs.

Human Rights

There are thousands of issues and problems relating to violations of Human Rights and dignity which people are facing and are being unable to voice out their grievances. It is here that we feel that we can and we are making a difference in trying to help resolve these issues by way of awareness, guidance and actions.

Helping Hand

We would be glad to be able to help out any individual, organization etc. which is interested and dedicated in working towards the common goals of uplifting of Human Rights, values and raising awareness in this region. We have the main power and most of all the willingness and desire to work towards our common goals with interest and commitment. Our helping hand goes to two institutes on the field of education named Lord Buddha Institute Of Computer Science and Shree Ram Shiksha Peeth for development of rural youth and urban child development.

Major Camps undertaken by Navjivan Foundation in Different Field:

We have from the beginning of the year 2003-04 decided as the year of Ladies and our command was- Ladies Prompt-Country Fast and Prevent Is Better than Cure and in this connection we assist to some ladies with financial assistance and work on AIDS. In the year of 2004-05 we take steps to work on health, Legal, Senior Citizen, Child with command- Morning Shows The Day, We Two Our One, I Have Right Because I am Citizen, We Are Human Being & Our Nature Is Human Nature, Country First-Respect To Senior Citizen, To Day Baby-Tomorrow Future, Body and Mind are God Gift-Keep It Well-Use Likely, Child Hood Our-Buds Of Flower, A Call Can change Life, Pen and Paper Is Our Best Friend. In the year of 2005-06 we worked on child, General Women, General Women and Child, Elimination Leprosy Abolish Hate, Develop mind Of Youth Development Generation, Seeds Brings Plant, Mentally Disorder Equal Right With Others, Physical Handicapped Is Not A dieses and our command was- Child Death-Death Of Civilization, Child Laboure-Dark Of Future, Abuse To Child-Abuse To God, Child Educated-Society Educated, Eradicate Dowry-Save Life Of Mothers, Sexual Offence-Offence To Culture, Healthy Mother & Baby Happy World, Service To Man Kind Service To God, Adolescent Active-World Active, Old Is Gold, Future Is Uncertain – Don’t Play With It, Human Nature Should Help Others, A Letter Help To People For Proper Justice, Say You What You Are, Good Financial Position Increase Ability For Fine Work, For the year of 2006-07 we have labored on Education named with Education is foundation of civilization, Women- Rights of women bring empowerment, vocational nature help for earning, self help group, water is precious save it and use it for need, help ladies to giving cloth- Clothes-shyness Is Ornament Of Ladies(kapda nari ka abhusan lajjya nibaran keliye) ,best house can develop by women-well key protection house, special vision by organization on Dengue in Delhi , To free mind for ladies-Let us ladies always in happy mode, remove financial condition and always in happy mode-donate goat, Breast feeding-women is called women when she become mother and best mother duty to breast feeding her baby, no separation between female and male child-if you like God, no separate between female and male child-today girl child tomorrow mother and our command was - Educated Mother Is The Best Teacher Of Children And Family, Rights Of Women Equal With Men, Food Start From Vocational, Help To Other Helping Of Human Nature, Drinking Water Is Nectar Of Earth, Clothing Avoid Lajjya (shy) Of Ladies, Aurat (women )Fit Dunia (world) Fit, Hints Is Foundation Of Work Start, Happy Mode Of a Family Would If Mode Of Ladies In Please, Money Donate For Short Period But kind Donate For Ever, Breastfeeding Is Right Of Child-Give Her/Him, Children Are The Shape Of God-Forget Female/Male Child, No Infanticide. On year 2007-2008 we named this year on our work as Women, health & Civil Year and we have worked with major importance on women on to avoid smoke-avoid smoke and avoid ‘TB’ avoid tobacco-reach near exercises not reach near tobacco, on diabetes-excess every things is bad, on begging-begging and alms are offence, on traffic-save life obey traffic rule, on ambulance-knowledge on ambulance and dial-102on agriculture-scientific cultivation-(Jaikishan), on solar energy-use free gift of nature, on electricity save-use Nation Is Your and Utilize It’s Energy On Honest Way, Health and Ladies-Medical Awareness On Asthmatic-Help For Fine Breathing, Pregnant Ladies-Save Women-Save Babies, on air pollution-Proper Oxygen- Fine Breathing, water pollution-(Pani Ess Donia Ki Amrit Hai) water is the nectar of earth and our command for this year- Smoking Habit Is Not A Healthy Life, Food For Life But Life Not For Tobacco Or Drugs, Now India Is Capital Of Diabetes & For Healthy Life Distant From “Diabetes”, Begging and Alms Are Not Means Of Vice & Virtue-Stop It, Life Is Anmol Save It, Use Ambulance And Save Life From Death, Scientific Way Cultivation-More Production, Sun Is Store Of All Energy, Man Made Are Limited In Supply-Do not Waste It, Avoid Asthma & Life Made Smooth For Long Period, Spines, made extra curvy for women, Save Oxygen Save Air and Save Water & Save Life through awareness camps. Love in Bird & Animals.

Recognition & Appreciation
National Level

Foundation has received more appreciation letter from President of India, Supreme Court, National Human Rights Commission, National Legal Rights Service Authority, Prime Minister and the some Central Govt. Ministries with embassies and high officials in India.

State Level

Some State Chief Ministers, Governors, State Human Rights Commission, State High Courts, State Legal Rights Service Authority and District Collectors.

International Level

In international level this organization has received appreciation letter from World Bank and the high officials out side in India.

Non-government Sector

The NGOs works in international level appreciated to this organization for its valuable works done in different field.

Sister Concern

This organization has separate two sisters concern like as S.Sangita Construction keep interest on construction of building and another PBS Communication with well experience staff on corporate research work and organization itself in social research work for the period. Both the organization built to help for social service.

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