"Belief is Trust & Trust is Faith" "Every Human Being find 'GOD' In Temple,Mosque,Church but 'He' is no-where.He is in between Only the service of mankind. Let's Find 'GOD' with help of the helpless People and make this Earth like as another heaven."

Peace & Security


Peace is a quality describing a society or a relationship that is operating harmoniously. This is commonly understood as the absence of hostility, or the existence of healthy or newly-healed interpersonal or international, safety in matters of social or economic welfare, the acknowledgment of equality and fairness in political relationships and, in world matters, peacetime; a state of being absent of any war or conflict. Reflection on the nature of peace is also bound up with considerations of the causes for its absence or loss. Among these potential causes are: insecurity, social injustice, economic inequality, political and religious radicalism, and acute racism and nationalism.

Security is the degree of protection against danger, loss, and criminals. Security has to be compared and contrasted with other related concepts: Safety, continuity, and reliability. The key difference between security and reliability is that security must take into account the actions of people attempting to cause destruction.

By focusing on the international dimension of political, economic and cultural life, it cuts across the traditional boundaries that separate states, economies and societies, as well as disciplines and ideologies. This organization seeks to illuminate the sharp and often perplexing contradictions of an increasingly integrated yet fragmented world. Ethno-nationalism, the break-up of established states, and religious and civilization divisions coexist with new forms of economic and financial integration.

We are on the process of international network for sharing the culture, tradition, economic condition etc., and establishing the real nature of human being. Overall we all are the brother and sisters and the son or daughter of God our main duty to to keep good relation between us with keep safety our sweet universe.

Navjivan Foundation through the Peace and Security work in India well come for advocacy to organizations, grassroots groups, think tanks, academics, and funders work together to increase their capacity to influence Human Rights policy to promote a more secure, peaceful and just world. This organization encourages collaborative strategic planning to strengthen the financial health of this community, grow its membership, done its messages and coordinate its campaigns, thus enhancing its collective impact. The great two problems in the country restrict grow of its standard one is corruption and another is terrorist. This organization has raise its voice on its and to remove corruption its are on the process of national net work its desire like the Govt. people the volunteers of Navjivan Foundation represent from every village of India and concentrate on the Govt. work. Organization has communicate to the all state Governors in India and receive more inspiration and appreciation in this matter from them and on another side on restrict terri -sum organization have taken several steps by writing suggestion to the Govt. of India, White House and Commission For Human Rights and White House appreciation letter in our website. So it is mot the work of some people but it is the work or duty of each and every people of India to save their country and give a good entity to the world. The third things is hospitality in this connection organization suggest the people of India in this country respect to their guest. From the ancient Bharat (India) its culture to respect guest. So we all should respect our tradition and without feeling to any religion, cast etc. respect to our guest because all are the son of God with same blood.

So this organization call funders or donor if they look a beautiful ancient India with delighted world please donate for its development and participate this work. This organization has lot of work to do on Agriculture , Aviation , Banking , Business & Economy , Child Issues , Education , Environment, Fashion & Lifestyle , Film & Media , Gender Issues , Globalization , Health & Medicine , History & Culture , Human Resource Development , Human Rights , Information Technology , Insurance, Language & Literature, Law, Logistics , NRI & Indian Diaspora , Peace & Security , Policy & Management , Power & Energy , Psychology & Mental Health , Real Estate & Housing , Science & Technology , Society , Spirituality & Religion , Sustainable Development , Telecommunications , Travel & Tourism , Urbanization , Youth Affairs please join hand and come forward to give a real human entity.

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