"Belief is Trust & Trust is Faith" "Every Human Being find 'GOD' In Temple,Mosque,Church but 'He' is no-where.He is in between Only the service of mankind. Let's Find 'GOD' with help of the helpless People and make this Earth like as another heaven."

Grievances Column


Public grievances is the major activity of the Navjivan Foundation and by its volunteers of this organization collect such across the country and after survey by them the reality of complainer it send to the concern ministries of the state or the center or both as the case may be and one copy send to the National/ State Human Rights Commission. If the case study related to legal service it sent to the National / State Legal Service Authority. If the case related to court the organization sent copies to the State High Court with the intimate to the Supreme Court Of India and in the same time two separate copies sent to the complainer and against the complain made. For the witness some copies send to the Indian media like as NDTV, Aajtak, India TV and Prasar Bharati with paper media like Hindustan Times and related papers with the local paper media on where the case generated. This is the formality of organization and purpose of these to aware about details on the knowledge the above all for taking correct and quick decision for the case. So these paths shows the complainer on the related department his/her case continuing.

In the International case organization sent the application under the same rule like national with intimating to the complainer and against complain made. Among the some copies one copy sent to Commission of Human Rights along with to the Prime Minister, President and Supreme Court or other Court or the related department according to that country and in India a copy send to that country’s embassy. In the mean timing same of the copies dispatch to the International Media like BBC and CNN and related media.

On the above two condition complainer should write the complain in the plain paper either in English or in hindi and address to the “President, Navjivan Foundation, 252.Nazar Singh Place, 2nd Floor, Plot No.-S-11,Sant Nagar, East Of Kailash, New Delhi-110065” with supporting all related case genuine documents. So use the organization grievances form below, so with the application this form is must.

Download Public Grievances Form

Volunteers Column


Navjivan Folunteers or volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and services. Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity, intended to promote good or improve human quality of life, but people also volunteer for their own skill development, to meet others, to make contacts for possiblesolve the problems , to have fun, and a variety of other reasons that could be considered self-serving. Volunteering takes many forms and is performed by a wide range of people.

Navjivan Foundation has two type of volunteers like nation wide whose area in across the India and foreign volunteers done work across their each country and the process of work equal with India volunteers . The work of the volunteers to solve the problem of the people are facing problem of social, legal and medical . In this connection each volunteers have an organization I Card and with coad number on its renewal on annual basis. These volunteers area is not limited in particular area , they work across the country at any where at any place. On time of need they will take help from the local police station to solve the problem if necessary. When lot of volunteers in a particular state or area registered under organization than organization send the list of volunteers to the district collectors in their locality for the varification them and there after they can meet to the collectors and try to solve the problem. So the role of volunteers to help the Govt. for the development of Govt. work and another side concentrate the currupt people of the Govt. department. The area police station will take the responcibility of volunteers for their duty. So Navjivan Foundation volunters has liation role between Govt. and general people. The organization trained volunteers for their social work and if a volunteers committed any mistack his volunteership will forfeited. So to be a volunteer with dodn load the form and send with formality and make good future.

Download Volunteers National Member Form

Download Volunteers International Member Form

Donor Supporting Column


A donation to non-profit organization Navjivan Foundation is a gift in form of given, typically to a cause or/and for charitable purposes. A donation may take various forms, including cash, services, new or used goods as i.e. clothing, toys, food, vehicles, emergency or humanitarian aid items, and can also relate to medical care needs as i.e. blood or organs for transplant. Charitable gifts of goods or services are also called gifts in kind. Donations are gifts given without return consideration. This lack of return consideration means that, in common law, an agreement to make a donation is an imperfect contract void for want of consideration. Only when the donation is actually made does it acquire legal status as a transfer or property. In civil law jurisdictions, on the contrary, donations are valid contracts, though they may require some extra formalities, such as being done in writing. The person or institution giving a gift is called the donor, and the person or institution getting the gift is called the donee.

From your donation the organization help to the helpless, need, below the poverty line people and the people from children to senior citizen under human nature and from animals or birds to environment for its safety and development. In the human nature organization help goes to the social, medical and legal affected people and in the animal and bird, for their safety and for the environment save nature from different type of pollution, lost of energy and save forest. So we request to all kind of individual with out any religion and cast, organization, institution, private or public sectors please joint with us and make this world like another heaven. Because we all are the son of God and our duty for the save nature and show proper human nature. Please let us down load the form and send after donation.

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