"Belief is Trust & Trust is Faith" "Every Human Being find 'GOD' In Temple,Mosque,Church but 'He' is no-where.He is in between Only the service of mankind. Let's Find 'GOD' with help of the helpless People and make this Earth like as another heaven."

Helping Hand


The helping hand of this organization has a unique mission of offering one-time grants to individuals by developing their own labour who are confronted by adversity. Because this organization always believes to labour and give chance to the laborious people those are unfortunately affected. On this way since the creation of the organization in 2003, it has had an impact far beyond anything envisioned at that time. The foundation has processed thousands of applications and has made grants to individuals and families across all ages, races, religions, socio-economic boundaries and physical or mental limitations. The grants helped individuals maintain their independence and families to bridge the gap between a crisis situation and their ability to move on.

On social related case Navjivan Foundation helping hand goes to compromise by it’s counseling team in India and if the parties not satisfied than write to the local police for the assistance and help. Organization has prepared many more awareness broachers and arranged different camps not in Delhi for the general people and motto to give knowledge on the different topic. In the social related case our duty from family to senior citizen is appreciated by all organization, NGOs, corporate sectors and individual and we have very success in this effort.

On medical case the procedure of the Navjivan Foundation for generating grant after receiving the application from the need or affected people, sent that application to the companies, individual or the social donated people not in India by email or showing its news column in website and sending hard copies if possible with showing the reason and causes of that person. Through the letter organization request to the donor to check the condition of the need people with phone calls or direct visiting near the patient and there after if the donor feel that he has no donate to the organization and directly help to the affected person by kind, Navjivan Foundation appreciate their work for that noble cause and if donate cash to the organization in favour of that people than Trust will show the all the expenditure to the donors.

On legal and justice Navjivan Foundation helping hand goes to public grievances and Human Rights and it try to reach the complainant application near the department and request for the proper justice, it may with in India or out side of the country. In this case there are some rule follow if the case is out side the India and hard copy sent to the Commission of Human Rights and the related department of that country with president, prime minister and Supreme Court of that country with the witness of international Media. But in India it directly sends hard copy to that department either in state or center. According to the case condition if needed the application reach near the National or State Human Rights Commission. Some times it may happen that the copies send to the state high court or Supreme Court of India and like this National Legal service authority or state legal service authority.

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